Asset Management

Asset Management refers to monitoring and maintaining things of value to an entity or group.  At IAG our focus is on managing real estate.  We take an entrepreneurial approach to asset management which sets us apart from our competitors. While assets may be diverse, our goals remain constant to assess value and determine the most advantageous time to realize maximum value.

Established relationships with real estate professionals across the country keep us up-to-date on local and regional market trends and enables us to better manage specific assets for our clients. IAG makes routine site visits to properties we manage so that we can provide first-hand knowledge on how the asset is performing.

When holding a property in your portfolio, are you maximizing revenue streams or is income left unrealized either through uncharged percentage rents, missed rent increases or inaccurate expense reimbursement calculations?  Whether you own a single tenant building, office complex, retail property or apartment complex, IAG has the experience and expertise to meet your needs.  We use industry standard software programs such as; Argus, DCF, and MS Excel, and other proprietary methods and models for:

  • DCF modeling, updates and audits
  • NOI analysis
  • Cash flow projections
  • Risk and return analysis
  • Optimization of capital structure (debt, equity, hybrid financing)
  • Asset management support

Tenant In Common Asset Management

IAG offers a customized approach to complex tenant-in-common structured real estate asset management that encompasses all the facets required to enhance the performance of a property including:

  • TIC/LLC Asset Management: IAG has a depth of experience in Tenant in Common (TIC) investment groups and the complexities that these structures bring to owning an asset.  We conduct votes and keep the group in compliance with their various legal agreements.
  • LLC ownership administration: Often times TIC ownership will include a Limited Liability Company (LLC) with various owners as members.  As the Asset manager we work to assist the managers and members of these LLC’s in fulfilling their obligations as set forth in the operating agreement.
  • Managing agricultural tenants and tax exemptions, binding insurance, property tax adjudication, etc.
  • Disposition due diligence: Represent investors and investment groups with regards to maximizing the value of the asset.  We work with a network of brokers across the country and we work with them to keep up-to-date on local and regional market trends, and the eventual disposition of the property.
  • Budget Preparation / Cash Call Administration: Preparation of annual budget and obtaining the appropriate approvals. Administer the collection of cash calls from group members including collecting from delinquent/Nonpaying members.
  • Escrow / Accounting: Maintain an escrow account to hold owner payments for property related expenses (real estate taxes, insurance, etc.).
  • Annual asset management property report including an opinion of value and market analysis.